“The Grouse” Clay Pigeon Shooting Corporate Package

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We offer a wide range of group and corporate entertainment packages at the Roxburghe Shooting School and we can accommodate from 10 to 200 guests in a full day. No previous shooting experience or shotgun licenses are required as we are all insured, professional Instructors and Coaches.

If you do not see what you require, please enquire directly and let us build you a bespoke shooting or multi activity package!

Sold By: Roxburghe Clay Pigeon Shooting School


Arrive 10.00 am for a welcome brief, bacon rolls, tea and coffee in the Roxburghe Golf Club


After allocating you into groups, your Instructors will explain and demonstrate the following procedures:

Safety principles and safe shotgun handling on a clay pigeon shoot.

You will then each demonstrate the above and receive a gun fit and practice the shooting stance and gun mount.

An eye dominance test will also be carried out on each client, then off to the shooting stands!


Each client will shoot a range of 20 different clay targets in rotation, with full safety briefing on the range, full coaching and assessment, diagnosis and feedback.

Now to demonstrate your skills learnt earlier by competing in our famous 50 clay shooting competition, called The Roxburghe Challenge! A quirky ‘miss and out’ challenge – all scores to count.

Refreshment Break

Teas, Coffee’s and pastries served.

You will then be coached to shoot ‘driven game’ targets and be coached as to shotgun safety and handling as if on a ‘live’ game shoot, preparing you for the rest of the activities…GUNS ON PEGS!

Two ‘Simulated Game’ drives:

Guns on Pegs Drive 1: 2 guns (shooters) on each peg (shooting position), one will shoot and the other load for them and vice versa. Shoot at a whole range of ‘birds’ flying overhead as if on a real game day!

Move pegs and…

Guns on Pegs Drive 2: 2 guns on each peg, one will shoot and the other load for them and vice versa.

There will be LOTS of ‘birds’ (clay targets), LOTS of shooting and a great deal of fun!

The second drive, scores will be counted and put into a team competition!

The instructors will be giving the guns (you) full coaching and advice throughout the drives to keep you on the ball and safe.

Awards for individual top 3 shots and Awards for the winning team in the flush!

We will provide all PPE (ear defenders and safety glasses) shotguns, cartridges, insurance etc.


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