5 Day Kitesurfing Course ‘Zero To Hero’

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Kitesurfing is a combination of kite flying skills and board management. Our ‘zero to hero’ kitesurfing course takes you from complete novice to a totally independent and assured kitesurfer, safe in the knowledge that you have all the talents required to continue the sport.

Course duration: 25 hours tuition time (total course time ≈ 30 hours+)
Cost : £449 – Everything included + handout pack & BKSA /IKO Certificate

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Course duration: 25 hours tuition time (total course time ≈ 30 hours+)
Cost : £449 – Everything included + handout pack & BKSA /IKO Certificate

Kitesurfing is a combination of kite flying skills and board management. Our ‘zero to hero’ kitesurfing course takes you from complete novice to a totally independent and assured kitesurfer, safe in the knowledge that you have all the talents required to continue the sport.

Day 1
Introductions with site assessment
Fundamentals of kitesurfing – wind, water conditions & equipment
Beach Power kite / trainer kite flying
Static flying exercises
LEI* (water kite) assembly
Safe kite launch / land techniques + pre flight checks
Flying of LEI’s with harnesses
Controlled Body dragging – the extremely fun part!
Emergency pack down / Self rescue techniques
query and hand outs
Leading Edge Inflatable’ – these are the kites we tend to use for kitesurfing when in the water

Day 2
Own set-up and tuning of LEI kitesurfing kite2 day kitesurfing course
Controlled downwind, direction, upwind and balance body dragging
Introduction to boardstart theory
Boardstarts in the water
Continuous riding with constant power delivery from the kite
Edging the board and controlling the speed
Upwind riding
Own demonstration of deep water safety packdown / self rescue
Debrief and hand outs

Day 3
Competent board starts
Speed control with board edging
Control among waves
Advanced equipment tuning and site assessment
Initiating turns
Upwind riding
Advanced weather & tide analysis

Day 4 and 5

In depth equipment tuning and understanding
Advanced wind, weather, sea conditions and pre kitesurf beach assessment knowledge
Fine tuning of stance and weight distribution
Transitions & Carve turns
The introduction of ‘pop’ and 1st jumps
Aerial tricks & tips
Lots of time to practice
Make lasting kitesurf friends to get pleasure from the sport with in the future

Day 1

Kitesurfing can be a dangerous sport if not learnt and instructed properly. For this reason we take the first part (around twenty minutes) of the lesson covering the basics of kitesurfing in the classroom and on the beach so you absolutely understand the sport and have a safe and really pleasurable kitesurfing lesson.
With the essentials covered, onto the fun bit – kite flying!

Power Kiting: After quickly setting up some power / training kites, we provides a short demonstration and explanation, then enable you to fly them under our instruction. beginning with little kites so you’ll be able to understand how to fly them without the concern of being out of control. The session covers flying techniques which will be used throughout the entire course. All of the kites we use have certified safety systems that instantly stop the power of the kite onceactivated.

Equipment set up: We proceed after a brief rest during the assembly of the water kites (LEIs) together withdemonstrations, individual practice and tuning recommendations.
Before going into the water it’s vital to know how to launch and land the LEI kites safely and activating the safetysystems. A demonstration of controlled launching and landing can provides the chance to understand the skill and application throughout the course will assist you to learn.

Into wetsuits: Before entering into the water, we kit you out with wetsuits, harnesses, buoyancy aids and helmets, all of which is included within the lesson price. In our onsite changing rooms you may get changed out of the elements.

Body Dragging in the water – everyone can get a chance to fly the kite in waist deep water before going further. Once it’s become slightly more natural to fly, we can move onto body dragging that is amazing fun!
Body dragging consists of using the kite to drag you through the water in numerous directions. There’ll be a maximumof four students per teacher and typically you’ll be operating with one kite between 2.

Self Rescue – Towards the end of the lesson a demonstration of an ’emergency packdown’ will show the way to self rescue in difficult times. We run through example scenarios explaining techiques to get back to land safely or be picked up by the rescue services. Being an important part of the course, individual practices will follow.
The course concludes with debriefs and distributing packs together with BKSA/IKO certification in the comfort of our centre.

The day concludes with a debrief in the comfort of our centre.

Day 2

It’s all practical – The second day of the kitesurfing course is 100 percent practical, all the theory and land based work has been completed on the first day so from here on it’s all time in water.
Equipment rigging & tuning: we begin with re-enforcing the kite assembly learnt on the first day by assembling a kite each under the guide of our qualified instructors. using the most recent 2016 kites and equipment for optimum safety and usability with thick wetsuits for you to stay warm. Once set up and pre flight checked, we go into the water.

Advanced body dragging & introducing the board: continued from day one with additional advanced body dragging & kite management techniques in preparation for the introduction of the board.

Once perfected, we follow on with the theory behind riding a board and practice without the kite before having a go for yourself to make use of everything you’ve learnt up to now.
Continuous runs: The aim of the session is to introduce power into the kite and management of the board to progress from board starts to some continuous runs as well as learning the way to stop. Now you’re kitesurfing!

Demonstate the self rescue: throughout the kitesurf course you will additionally demonstrate to the qualified instructors a deep water emergency packdown procedure to re-enforce what was shown to you on the first day of the kitesurfing lesson as it’s such a vital aspect.

The day is completed with a debrief.

Day 3

Controlled runs & riding upwind: Alongside mastering board starts and producing good length controlled runs while keeping constant power from the kite, we begin to introduce board edge control with the aim to ride upwind.

Being able to ride upwind and downwind is a wonderful accomplishment because it offers you the freedom to explore anywhere you like in the ocean.

Slide Turns: so you’ve learnt to ride, now you would like to come back! With the extra time the third day offers, we will learn to control the board better and start linking the runs you’ve been doing by initiating some turns, sliding the board around and continuing on your way.

Technique, Stance & Body Position: Once you’re up and riding we will work on your stance, body position and balance to allow you more control and comfort while also looking cool!

Independent kitesurfer: This third day of tuition offers the additional time required to become independent throughout kite launch/land and water re-launch as well as having the chance to experience different sea and wind conditions. The aim is to create enough confidence, knowledge and experience to continue kiting safely on your own.

The day is completed with a debrief.

Day 4 and 5

Equipment tuning & understanding: Covering info regarding different kite and board types, shapes, designs and materials used in their production and how} each feature affects the way they perform and behave.

Time on the water: As well as the additional helpful theory and learning, there’ll also be a large amount of practicaltime spent with the kite and board in the water. This extra time really helps you to master the kite skills and focus on the board control riding techniques.

Stance & carve turns: Fine tuning effective weight distribution on the board permits an improved stance and full controlin numerous conditions. With this additional control and ability we are able to then go onto riding comfortably in bothdirections and then onto smooth slide and carve turns, ready to surf some waves.

Introduction to jumps: The course introduces the techniques required to use the board effectively and produce ‘pop’ and the kite to offer you lift, creating your first jumps!! The reason kitesurfing was invented….(we believe!)

The aim when completing this intensive kitesurfing course is that you have the knowledge and skills required to continue the sport as well as be ready to choose appropriate wind, weather, location and equipment. You should be able to kitesurf anywhere safely and most of all have a lot of fun!
The level achieved on this course varies between every individual however we tend to typically see fantastic results upon course completion.

The lesson is completed with a debrief  and individual suggestions on how to continue the sport. every student is given a handout package with BKSA/IKO certification, t-shirt, magazines, stickers and information about suitable kites and boards to shop for – including discount vouchers for the range of ex demo/school kit and new equipment package deals.
All inclusive: All equipment as well as safety gear and insurance is included in the kitesurfing lesson.
Please bring – sensible sturdy pair of shoes, towel, bathing costume, suncream, sunglasses, and warm garments as it’s usually windy which might be cool. Plus a whole lot of energy!

Our course bookings are flexible so if you’re unable to take days off work it’s possible to finish the five day kitesurfing course over separate weekends. Also if you’ve previously completed an introduction to kitesurfing, two day or three day course you’ll be able to join at a suitable stage in the course instead of repeating what you’ve already learnt.


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